Community Focus

“Parenting our children is not a solo act. As the village goes, so go our children and as the children go, so goes our village.” W.J. Doherty

Family Central envisions networks of caring adults working together to address the future of Warwick’s children, their families, and their schools. We strive to raise awareness about the critical issues facing today’s families and every family’s need for belonging, influence and shared emotional connection.  We also work to strengthen the community’s role in identifying core values, addressing concerns in a positive fashion, building trust and common ground, and advocating for the safety, acceptance, and support of all families.

Warwick Working Together

Warwick is a wonderful community filled with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Sometimes, our diversity of experiences leads to different understandings of community or current events.  Warwick Working Together was formed to create a space for honest, thoughtful, safe discussions:
·      Bringing together neighbors to share points of view
·      Building trust and finding common ground
·      Supporting good work happening in Warwick
·      Creating collaborative solutions to community problems

Check our links to past, current, and future “Community Conversations” that take place at the Albert Wisner Library.