Who We Are

About Us: Family Central is an all-volunteer, non-profit Parenting Support Network for parents and care-givers of children from birth through adolescence. Our grassroots movement based in Warwick, NY provides parenting information, resources, and workshops that address the developmental needs of children and the many challenges today’s families face. In working with the broader community we address the concerns that families raise, present the latest research on healthy child development, and identify what we can do together to strengthen and promote family wellness.

Mission: Family Central’s goal is to strengthen the role of community in supporting the well-being of families and children. We are committed to raising awareness of the unique challenges of parenting in today’s world and to creating a parenting community to reduce isolation, build connections and share information and resources. We also are committed to providing leadership training for volunteers to sustain our movement.

Vision: We envision communities of caring adults working together to address the future of Warwick’s children, their families and their schools.

What we believe:

  • Children and adolescents need a strong network of caring adults (parents, relatives, mentors) to safeguard their well-being.
  • The emotional and social development of children and adolescents is as important as their intellectual development.
  • Children and adolescents grow, learn, and develop in stages and that expecting or imposing too much too soon is stressful for them.
  • Unstructured play allows young people to use their own imagination and resourcefulness and helps to build a wide range of skills important to success in life.
  • Children and adolescents feel more secure and thrive when parents create developmentally appropriate boundaries for children and demonstrate their authority wisely.
  • Children and adolescents need a web of community support to thrive.

History: Family Central was started by a small volunteer group of teachers, health professionals, parent educators, parents and grandparents who became increasingly concerned about the challenges today’s families face. Family Central was officially established in the fall of 2014 and obtained non-profit status under its fiscal sponsor Community 2000. Since its founding, Family Central has partnered with a variety of community organizations to offer monthly workshops that educate, inform, and empower parents and caregivers at the Albert Wisner Public Library in Warwick, NY.

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